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IE Japan Officeからのお知らせ

May 11 2021

IE Japan Officeからのお知らせ


Living in Madrid 
2021年6月17日木曜日 21時~22時(日本時間)



Why Politics Feel Weird: The Change of the Political Paradigm
2021年6月22日火曜日 20時~21時(日本時間)

地政学を教える名物教授、Dr. Milo Jonesによる講義です。

The various scandals that regularly engulf social media companies like Facebook and Twitter are only the tip of the digital iceberg towards which governments, societies and geopolitics generally are headed. Meanwhile, political change – or at least unprecedented pressure – is in the air, almost everywhere. Digital technology is permeating every part of how we are governed – and affecting whom we choose to do the governing. At the same time, perhaps less visibly, it is affecting authoritarian societies. In this session, we’ll explore how digital technology has become what philosophers call a “formal cause”, i.e. something that does not merely have effects, but that is actually structuring and shaping political and social choices. We’ll also try and glimpse what the digital future holds.

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